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You don't have to subscribe to a Fan Page to enjoy the services I provide. 

I am in the business of providing fantasy content.  I will not demean myself for content. All content needs to be discussed! Just because you have money does not mean you get whatever you want.  


This is a truly judgement free zone. You can feel free to tell or share anything with me. If I don't want to do something, I will be respectfully honest! But I hope to be able to provide you with an enjoyable experience. I will always respect your privacy and will always be discreet. Your secrets and desires are safe with me!


I am a woman of many faces and talents. I have three very distinct characters you may want to session with. 

Brooke Diesel the Gym Meathead

Brooke is huge and muscular and just wants to keep getting bigger!! She loves to show off her hard work and her hard muscles. Oil her up and worship every peak of hard, dense muscle. Brooke can show off her strength as well with light wrestling, scissoring, bear hugging, possibly some lift and carry. Bow to Brooke's power or be crushed!

Aries the Dominatrix

There are MANY different styles and levels of intensity and a variety of acts that this service can encompass. Aries is NOT comfortable with degradation. If you would like "dom" play with her, it will be her way. In fact, Aries doesn't even like talking much ... but she doesn't need to. Aries will discuss with you the area that you would like dominated. For example, nipple play. She will lay out her tools before she begins so you are aware. Once the session begins, you no longer have any control over the actions of the session (outside of a "safe" word). It will be at her artistic discretion. Aries uses alot of eye contact, movement, the ambiance of the session is defined highly by the feelings of not knowing what is coming next. She will tell you when to speak, She will tell you what to say, She will praise or punish as needed. I have been told Aries can be very intense. But when you get this session with her, you are paying for the artistic interpretation of pain vs seduction. Aries will not be instructed as to how to behave. I call this type of session "Dominique", "... belonging to a lord"

Trinity the Seductress

Trinity is a sexy, mature woman who can put on a little black dress or a black bra and robe and make every woman envious of her and every man desire her. With her muscular curves that people desire even though they can't explain why, and the tattooed edgy side that exudes the naughty, bad girl in her heart, Trinity can set your hormones racing with fire. Trinity poses and moves with a slow, sexy style. She moves close, moves away, moves around you in a way that drives any man or woman wild with passion. Oil, massage, worship is Trinity's expertise. Touch her beautiful muscles, kiss her muscular peaks, worship her from her traps to her toes. Experience the passion and desire that everyone chases but that she lets no one claim as their own.


8x10 Single Photo

Signed if you would like

$30 shipped or download

Digital Download of any photo shoot. Either 150-200 photos or the videos used to get the photos from


general services

Ratings: $15
I can rate anything you want

Buy My Panties: $50
Includes shipping and video

Buy My Socks: $35

Includes Shipping


Sessions: $400+
Contact me for a more detailed definition


Custom Videos

If you would like something made with or without me in it, let me know! Price depends on length and content

not available

I am not "Dom" and I am not really comfortable playing the part, it is not natural to me. I most likely will not do these scenarios.


  • Scat (playing with shit)

  • Arm Wrestling

  • Lifting you over my head

  • Talk to me like some kind of whore and whatever it is will be a hard NO

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